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The Semen Experts - Who we are. 

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First of all, let us tell you who we're not. We ARE NOT DOCTORS. We're just a bunch of guys who study, research, write about, and yes- ACTUALLY TRY sexual enhancement supplements. And the crazy thing is, most of us here have studied and written about it for close to 10 years. Which is pretty much about how long herbal sexual enhancement products have been around, in the mainstream, anyway.

Just so you know, we don't get paid by anyone for RECOMMENDING or NOT RECOMMENDING their product. And we're not one of these websites set up by the manufacturer themselves, made to look like a review site - and then which only recommend 1 product - theirs. No, we're just a group of people who've been there ourselves, and in our spare time decided to help give people information that we couldn't find ourselves, when we really needed it.

"Holy Cow!! These Volume Pills really work....why didn't someone tell me sooner?!"

male scientific body image Well, that's what we thought when we started this site. If someone would have told us a few years ago you could buy a sperm pill to increase semen production and produce mind-blowing orgasms, we would have been all over it! Of course, eventually we did find out about them - and we were blown away!

So now you know. Yes, semen pills actually do work. They will increase your semen production, improve sperm count and sperm health, and a few other things as well. And most guys say it's helped them a lot in the "shooting too early" department, if you know what we mean.

Now, as I mentioned before...WE ARE NOT DOCTORS!! If you think you have a serious medical condition see a doctor. The information on this site is not meant to substitute for medical advice.

However, if you want to shoot huge cum loads, have mind-blowing orgasms, and ejaculate like a porn star, you've come to the right place. By the way, the top products we recommend ARE USED BY PORN STARS all over the world. Ron Jeremy, Peter North, Lexington Steele, these guys have had access to these products for years. Haven't you always do those guys make so much cum?? Now you can too!

I encourage you to use the information on this site to learn how to fight low semen output, and to drastically increase your semen production and sperm volume. Heck, we know lots of guys without low semen problems, who take these supplements just because of the outstanding effect on their sex lives.

Visit these semen supplement websites yourself - Then decide.

Increasing semen production, experiencing triple strength orgasms, and ejaculating powerful, thick semen loads is all within your grasp. Don't wait any longer - great sex is waiting for you!

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