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"Can I increase my semen volume?" 

how to increase semen This is a question we hear from thousands of men every month. Fortunately, we are happy to report that the answer is a resounding "yes"! The fact is, almost all men experience a disappointing drop in their semen load size as they get older. What does low semen production mean to the average guy? Unfortunately, the effects of a smaller semen load are many.

Less semen in the seminal glands means shorter, weaker orgasms, since it takes the body less time to ejaculate the semen. This reduced load size and orgasm intensity often leads to reduced sexual satisfaction for a man, and eventually - his partner. This in turn often leads to decreased confidence in the bedroom, as well as extra stress in your sex life and relationship.

Surprisingly, many men do nothing about this problem, as they are not aware of the many methods available to increase semen production and boost sperm loads. Many men write telling us they would have done something about it much sooner, had they known how easy it can be. Methods for boosting semen load size include changes to diet and lifestyle, abstinence, and taking a doctor approved semen volume pill, all of will reverse the factors which lead to reduced semen output.

More Semen = Stronger, longer orgasms.  

increased sperm volumeOkay, so abstinence isn't really such a great option, at least among the guys we know! But changes in what you eat and how you live can make a difference. In our experience, however, by far the simplest method to bigger semen load size is with a proven semen enhancer,  now extremely popular and widely accepted by the medical community.

At this time there are three clinically proven herbal supplements which have been well documented to increase semen production, boost sperm count and motility, and produce longer lasting, more intense orgasms. We recommend you read our semen pill review to see which products provide the most dramatic results.

There are certainly a dozen other companies which make numerous and amazing claims regarding their amazing 'cum pills'. However, if you do your homework, you'll see there are really only a handful which are worth spending your hard earned money on. Stick with trusted and reputable products and you will be extremely happy with the results.

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