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Semen Load Size - How much is normal?

increased semen load size As with most things in the human body, there can be quite a wide range in what is considered a normal semen load size. The average male ejaculation will result in a semen load anywhere from 1/2 teaspoon to several full teaspoons in volume.

However, this amount is usually much higher in younger men (14-24), or in adult men who are taking semen volume pills. After about age 25 most men will experience a noticeable dropoff in the amount of semen they ejaculate, as well as the force of the ejaculation.

Most men remember a time when their orgasms yielded much more than 1 teaspoon of semen. Unfortunately, chances are you were 15 at the time, and didn't even have a partner to impress with your huge sperm load! As men enter their thirties, forties, and on, we notice a fairly sharp decline not just in semen production, but also orgasm strength tends to diminish, as well as the duration of your ejaculation.

The good news is, when you take the appropriate steps to increase your semen production, all of these problems start going away. The more semen you have, the longer it takes to expel it all during ejaculation. This means longer, stronger orgasms, as it takes many more contractions than usual to ejaculate out all the semen from the seminal glands.

A couple of our highly recommended sperm pills, mainly Volumaxx and Semenax, have now been around for several of year, helping men improve their semen load size to thrilling new levels. It will take awhile to get used to the increased orgasm strength and bigger cum loads, but we assure'll adjust to this new found sexual intensity!

Semen & Sperm Loads - Why more is better!

happy couple with sperm pills We're all well aware how important a good sex life is to keeping a happy relationship. Chances are, if you're noticing a decline in your "sexual prowess", so is she, although she's probably not telling you, to avoid hurting your feelings.

Let's face it, fair or not, a huge semen load at ejaculation has always been regarded as a sign of virility and sexual potency. You don't see too many porn movies where the guy pulls out at the last second and dribbles a half teaspoon of watery semen all over the girl. Porn stars have been using these semen-enhancing supplements for well over a decade, and now they're finally available to the general public as well.

As you can see, the benefits of semen volume pills are many. Huge semen loads, earth-shattering orgasms that last 2-3 times longer, and the increased confidence that comes with such a drastic improvement in your sexual performance. You don't have to settle for an 'average' semen load size, or worse yet, a "below average" semen load, and the problems that come with it.

Take action now, and recapture the sexual power of your youth! Mind-blowing orgasms and a huge semen load can be yours easily and quickly.

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