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Semen Load Size - Does it matter?

powerful ejaculationWell to most men surveyed, the answer is a resounding YES. Unfortunately it's more than just a simple matter of small semen load size. A smaller ejaculate load means it takes less force to push the seminal fluid out during ejaculation. This means shorter, weaker orgasms. Low ejaculation, orgasm strength, and low semen volume are all connected.

Most of us notice that as we get older, semen volume drops off, orgasms aren't as strong or as enjoyable as they once were, and they certainly don't last as long. Often women will say publicly that their partner's load size is not important, especially when their guy asks them.

However, privately, most women will admit that a man's semen load is often one of the biggest indicators of their virility and sexual prowess. Most women admit that it's a huge turn-on when their guy has a large, thick sperm load. Let's face it, when it comes to sex, especially oral sex, there's just no hiding a small semen load when the "grand finale" approaches. Many men have a hard time enjoying the impending orgasm when they're embarrassed about the small amount of cum they produce at the end.

Obviously, semen load size can be a very important issue, for you AND your partner. Low semen production can have a negative effect in many ways. Check out our semen pill testimonials to see just how life changing it can be to improve your sexual confidence and performance.

Problems associated with Low Semen Production

  • Low confidence and self-esteem
  • Decreased sexual satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Weaker, less intense orgasms
  • Low sperm count and motility
  • Reduced fertility
reduced semen ouptut and sexual problemsThere is good news though: Many advances have been made in the field of semen and sperm supplements. Over the last decade it has become well known to researchers that supplements can increase semen production and improve sperm count and health. Things like Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, L-Arginine, Selennium, Folic Acid, and others, all stimulate the body to increase semen production and sperm volume.

In the last eight years, medical researchers have formulated potent blends of all these vitamins and minerals into one capsule. By using precise dosages of these natural ingredients, these sperm pills help men restore their semen production - often to levels much higher than they've ever experienced.

Our recommended sperm pills are the top semen products guaranteed to dramatically increase your semen production and sperm health. Within weeks you can be enjoying huge semen loads, mind-blowing orgasms and the best sex of your life!

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