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Male Fertility - Health & Nutrition

foods to increase sperm In addition to environmental factors, diet and nutrition have a big impact on sperm count, motility, and health. Vitamins A, C, and E are all known to improve sperm health and that of the DNA inside.

Consider changing your diet to foods that help increase sperm production like liver, carrots, spinach, milk, wheat germ oil, almonds, strawberries, broccoli, and citrus fruits. Increasing intake of these and other vitamin rich foods, and quitting smoking, drinking, and caffeine, will all go a long way to improving semen health and sperm count.

Unfortunately, these types of lifestyle changes can be quite drastic, and are often difficult to maintain. The addition of a quality sperm pill to your diet is an easy and extremely effective way to address vitamin deficiencies and dramatically boost your sperm production. The best sperm pills available are Volumaxx, Semenax, and Volume Pills. We'll review these herbal semen enhancement capsules on the next page.

Many men tell us they enjoy the ease and convenience of taking a semen formula which already has all the vitamins and minerals together in one potent formula, as making huge diet and lifestyle changes proved extremely difficult with their already busy lives. The male fertility herbs in these semen volume pills are proven to increase semen and sperm volume by up to 500%.

Foods to increase sperm count - Is it enough?

couple with low sperm count problemsWhile changes to diet and lifestyle can impact your sperm count and semen production, the question is: Will it be enough to solve fertility problems? Although diet changes can make a big difference, it's hard not to advocate the use of a sperm enhancing supplement, now that they are readily available, and have proven results.

Fertility problems can be very stressful and unpleasant for couples experiencing trouble conceiving, especially if they're uncertain which one is causing the problem. Many couples spend years and thousands of dollars, consulting 'experts' who don't seem to be able to produce any tangible results. That's why we recommend a "multi-pronged" attack on infertility - using changes to lifestyle, improved diet and nutrition, and a doctor recommended sperm pill.

This way you know you are doing everything possible to solve this frustrating problem. These issues won't be solved overnight, however, so be prepared that it could take a few months of improved nutrition and semen supplements, but you certainly will be rewarded for your efforts. And at the end of the day, you'll have spent much less money than many other couples who weren't successful.

semen volume enhancers to increase male fertility
It's important to note that you've already taken the most important step to tackling the common problem of low sperm count and poor semen production. Taking a semen supplement and adding sperm-boosting fruits & vegetables to your diet will make your sperm count and semen production skyrocket! 

Within months of adding foods to raise sperm count and taking a quality sperm pill supplement, it's not uncommon to increase sperm volume by as much as 500%. The majority of men in clinical studies who took Semenax for 8 months or more experienced an increase in sperm volume of over 600% in less than one year. As you can see, taking semen volume pills to increase sperm count doesn't just work, it works extremely well!

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