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Low Sperm Count - How to reverse it.

low sperm count Sperm counts in men are dropping dramatically.
Lower sperm counts and sperm motility can be caused by many factors. Everything from stress, pollution, chemicals in our food, and natural aging all work to reduce a man's sperm count.

This may not seem like a major problem to some men, especially if you're not thinking of having children at the moment. However, the majority of men will usually find themselves at a point where they're trying to get their partner pregnant, and suddenly low sperm count and motility becomes an enormous problem.

At least 25% of couples planning a baby will have trouble conceiving. In 26% of these 'trouble cases' the problem lies with the male, usually due to a problem with low sperm count. This means that millions of couples will experience infertility problems which are caused by sperm problems in the man. This will usually be due to low sperm count or motility, hence the reason low sperm volume and decreased semen production is rapidly becoming a serious health problem for a huge portion of the male population. 

Top 3 diet & lifestyle factors causing low sperm count:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Smoking

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produce more spermReverse your low sperm count: The good news is that there are many things you can start doing to increase sperm count. You can cut down or eliminate the three things mentioned above. You may need to make major changes to your diet and nutrition, which can help improve sperm production and motility.

Probably the quickest and easiest way to increase sperm volume and improve sperm health is taking a sperm supplement. Many nutrients are known to improve sperm health and quantity, as well as increase semen volume. These include Zinc, Folic Acid, Selenium, and L-Arginine, plus about ten other 'sperm-boosting' vitamins or minerals.

Alternatively you could go to your health store and buy every supplement separately, although semen enhancement capsules usually contain some patented formulas not available in retail stores. But why would you do that when taking a semen supplement is way more affordable, not to mention much easier and faster? That's what we thought. Later we'll review the top sperm volume capsules to show you the best value for your money.

Popular sperm pills like Volumaxx and Semenax contain a variety of compounds, vitamins, and minerals known to increase semen production, promote sperm motility, and improve sperm count. That's why we strongly recommend these medically formulated capsules, because they conveniently combine everything you need to increase semen production into one pill, and are guaranteed to produce results. 

Changing to a healthier lifestyle, wearing boxers, lowering stress, and drinking more water will all help to increase sperm volume and improve sperm health. However, the fastest and most effective route to increase sperm production and motility is by using a doctor approved sperm enhancement pill.

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