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Foods to help low sperm count.

foods for spermBad food and nutrition have a negative effect on the body in many ways, most of us already know that. What a lot of men don't realize is that their nutrition choices can also have a great impact on sperm health, sperm motility, and of course sperm production.

A change in diet will help undo the damages from bad eating, and within weeks should start to raise your sperm count and help you begin making healthier sperm. Caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes are all known causes of low sperm count and low semen output in men. The normal amount of sperm found in semen is usually 1-2% of the total semen volume. A normal ejaculation contains at least 2ml of semen, which contains 40 million to 600 million sperm.

You're most likely to be fertile if you have more than 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen. However, quantity is not the only factor to consider. You are most likely to be fertile if more than one third of your sperm are of normal shape and structure. Lastly, sperm motility is very important if you are hoping to conceive a child.

Sperm movement (motility) is an important characteristic of healthy sperm. You're most likely to be fertile if at least half of your sperm are moving. Ideally, at least 50-70% of your sperm should be moving and active. Semen volume pills are very effective in improving sperm count and motility, as they contain a potent blend of supplements known to stimulate semen production and promote sperm health. Since semen pills increase semen production by about 500%, this correspondingly results in a 500% increase in the number of sperm, since there is that much more semen being ejaculated.

Healthy Diet = Healthier Sperm. Foods to fight low sperm counts.

low sperm count problemsThere are a number of vitamins and minerals which increase sperm production and raises the number of healthy sperm. These include Vitamins C and E, as well as selenium, zinc and folic acid - trace nutrients that are important for optimal sperm production and function.

Sperm enhancement capsules contain all of the above, plus 6-12 additional ingredients which are clinically proven to dramatically improve male fertility, and overall sexual health. Foods which promote healthier sperm and raise sperm count include liver, spinach, broccoli, and most citrus fruits.

Combining a semen volume pill with a healthy and balanced diet will have a profound impact on your sperm count and overall sperm health. Within a few months of improving your nutrition and adding a sperm enhancing capsule to your daily intake, you will most likely have improved your sperm health and sperm count to levels similar to those of an 18-24 year old male.

After 5-7 months of supplementing with a sperm pill, you should experience a semen load that is 4 to 5 times your current level. If you're not comfortable with a semen load quite this large, you may need to discontinue use a little sooner. Once you've reached your preferred semen load size, daily use of a sperm pill is not necessary - most men reduce to every 2nd or 3rd day to maintain their ejaculate level and intensified orgasms.

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